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My Art – Wood sculptures and hot metal

I am artist and sculptor from Finland I live in Järvenpää, close to our capital city of Helsinki. I sculpt and carve wood and also combine a different kind of metal castings with wood.

Why do I want to be an artist, and face all the challenges which are included in artist profession? The most honest answer is that making art makes me happy.

I can’t imagine my life without art and all of those great and deeply important moments of making it. I just love to go the studio and grab a chisel and start sculpting wood.

My inspiration comes mostly from work process itself. Working itself creates new ideas. Working is based my own bodiliness and draws from my history. When working it is possible for me to achieve an euphoric state of being, and I am able to overcome daily life and worries and to actualize myself the most authentic way possible. 

I believe that still in these days there is a deep need to work with our hands. This need is connected to our humanity.

Kim Jotuni and woodsclupture of Tiiu


I started sculpting wood as a little boy. I used to carve wooden animals, bears, panthers, and dinosaurs. However, I did not carve for many years.

When I was studying philosophy at the University of Tampere, I felt a strong need to work manually. Finally, I ended up studying in the field of adult education as a carpenter besides my philosophy studies. I was enthusiastic again about wood sculpting, I carved wood at the corner of a small apartment building, I went to woodcarving courses, I traveled to Central Europe to look for wood carving masters.

I found them in the Northern Italy. Exploring their production had deep impact on me. I came back to Finland to study decorative woodcarving in Jurva. I studied for half a year in Jurva and during that time I realized that I wanted to focus on art, not on craftsmanship.

From Jurva I moved to the visual arts department of Orivesi College for half a year. After that, I applied to Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts and got in. This spring 2018 I will graduate. Along with the graduation, I step into a new stage in my artistic career.

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