Wood sculptures and metal art


Birds (2019)

public artwork


Play (2019)


Fold (2019)


The End Of The Party (2018)

Wood sculpture of Trump.
Price 2500 €

Girl with a red shirt (2018)

Wood sculpture of my daughter.
Price 1800 €

Lapphund (2018)

Wood sculpture of Lapphund

Experimental Organism (2017)

Alone on table, how are you?
Price 3000 €

Horizon (2017)

Reactions between melted aluminium and wood.

Crawl (2017)

Price 500 €

Transformation (2016)

Transformed Damson tree.
Price 2500 €

Internal (2018)

Hollow stone ball, glowing in the night time.

Core (2017)

A reaction between aluminium and wood.
Price 900 €

Ironlandscape (2015)


Woodenlady (2016)

Price 2500 €

Man Nro.1 (2016)

Head series

Man Nro.2 (2016)

Head series

Man Nro.3 (216)

Head series

Built Up1 (2016)

Built up series
Price 400 €

Built Up2 (2014)

Built Up series

Iron Tree (2014)

Casted iron directly on wood.

Work process of making sculptures

Wood is most important material for me. I just love to work with it. Humans have also used wood so long as there have been humans on the earth. So there is a lot of interesting theoretical and historical aspect related to wood.

When I am making my wood sculptures my main tools are woodcarving chisels.  I also use a few power tools, like chainsaw and grinder with different kind of woodcarving blades. 

My main material is wood but I also combine a different kind of metal casting technics with wood. This is my own technic and I want to continue developing it. In this technic metal is casted directly to the wood and you can see this process aggressive reactions in my works. In this technic a like the idea that I don’t have full control of the process. There is a lot of room for the surprises. Also, I like the combination of metal and wood. This is aesthetically interesting, but there is also a lot of theoretically interesting aspects.  

Want to purchase my Art

If you are interested about my sculptures just contact me with email kjotuni@gmail.com.  I am happy give you more information.